Customisable payroll management solutions

CTC Structures

Emplify allows you to work with flexible CTC structures, where you can distribute the earnings into standard buckets, or create your own structure. You can also customise the company and voluntary contribution of employees towards provident fund, insurance, etc. You can also configure multiple bonuses such as a joining bonus or variable pay.

Income & Professional Tax

Emplify calculates income tax and professional tax liability for all your employees seamlessly, considering a myriad of factors including tax paid in the current AY, loss of pay, tax deductions submitted by the employee, and many more. Once payroll is approved, payslips are generated and accessible by every employee from their portal.


Every company has certain expenses which they reimburse employees for, and this varies widely by type of company, employee vertical and many other factors. Emplify allows you to set customisable reimbursement policies based on employee, designation and more. The portal also allows upload of receipts, and setting approval for expense reimbursements.

Provident Fund

Emplify handles all your provident fund requirements from contribution setting and management, compliance and reporting, UAN transfer and much more! You can also have employees set voluntary contribution to National Pension Schemes, and seamlessly handle deductions in payroll.


If you have employees who fall under the employee State Insurance mandate, then emplify automatically generates the ESIC premiums(both employer and employee contribution) and processes it with payroll. Emplify also notifies you about forms and reports, and helps you with your ESI related compliance.

Adjustments & Running Payroll

The monthly payroll process sees a lot of adjustments, companies have to pay employees their salary, reimbursements and more; while deducting tax, insurance premiums & loan EMIs(if applicable), PF and other components. Certain situations also demand for the salary to be placed on hold. Emplify simplifies running payroll by connecting all payments to and deduction from your employee’s paycheck in one place!

Reports & Compliance

Taxes, PF and ESI all have their own compliance norms that a company must follow. Emplify allows you to generate all the forms and report you’ll need for compliance purposes at the click of a button. There’s also a build-your-own-report tool that allows you to generate custom reports for internal or external stakeholders.

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