Customisable payroll management solutions


Our easy signup process allows an employee to be added in multiple ways; you can upload all their details in a excel or .csv file, or you could do so manually. You can even ask employees to fill in their details through the app or web portal. The onboard automatically adds the employee to the relevant insurance policies, and automatically computes the premium and contribution amounts, informing the relevant authority.


Emplify allows you to upload multiple leave policies, segmented by designation or location, and specify how the leaves accrue, carry over, and your leave encashment policy. You can also upload holiday lists by designations, and set holidays on short notice, with or without compensatory working days.


The portal and app can be used to monitor attendance and clock-in/clock-out times. Employees can also regularise their attendance, with their reporting manager approving their requests. Emplify also integrates with access control devices upon request, thus automating the entire attendance module and seamlessly connecting it with the leave and payroll systems.

Self serve

Employers need a lot of information from their employees for payroll, insurance, tax reasons, etc. The emplify self serve platform makes it easier to administer the benefits to employees, by facilitating, document distribution(such as payslips), information collection(such as dependant info) and leave or expense requests. The platform also allows managers to approve leave or expense requests from their reportees, as and when they arise.


When an employee leaves your company, there are a lot of formalities to be processed, often to multiple providers. With emplify, you can process employee exit, tax documents, gratuity settlements, Provident fund transfers, Group insurance deletions and all other formalities, in one hassle free system!.

Employee data management

Emplify allows you to build a repository of employee data, such as dependant information, personal information, work history salary history, tax deduction documents, reimbursement slips, increment letters and more. Documents of former employees are archived and stored so you can access them anytime.

Security and system access control

Emplify supports multi-level user access, meaning you can have designated users who are the approving authority on payroll, salary increments, exits, etc. The platform implements a robust maker-checker model to ensure compliance and smooth operations, and follows the latest and most stringent security protocols.

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