About Us

Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of the employees, they’ll take care of the clients.
-Richard Branson

Employees are the cornerstone of any business. And keeping employees happy is crucial to every business. To that end, businesses invest in payroll, reimbursements, group health insurance, and other perks & allowances for their employees. We help businesses integrate all their employee benefits in one platform, allowing them to connect better to their employees, reducing workload and cost, and above all, help improve productivity, morale and retention.

How do we do it?

We offer a consolidated platform and not only handle your payroll, income tax, PF and related calculations, we also help you find the best group insurance, whether it is group health, personal accident, life insurance, gratuity, or group travel, and manage your claims as well. We handle all insurance through our firm, Perilwise Insurance Broking, who are licensed direct general and life insurance brokers (IRDA/DB 673/16 licence no. 593).

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What’s it cost?

Let us take care of your group insurance needs, and you get the platform for free! This also allows you to make full use of the platform, as we cant help you with insurance claims/contributions if we aren’t managing your policy.


Group Covers

The emplify platform allows you to manage all your group insurance covers, with real time claims tracking, data driven analytics, employee contribution to premium and easy explanation of benefits and exclusions, along with unique value added services!


Salaries & Taxes

Use an intuitive, flexible and accurate platform to calculate payroll, manage taxes, ESIC, PF and other payroll related compliance, payslips, expense reimbursements, tax deductions, and much more!